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  • Free Hub only For a team or group with basic collaboration
    • Unlimited seats
    • Up to 2 workspaces
    • 5GB / organization storage
    • 25MB attachment
    • Access to 1 year of message history
    • Up to 5 integrations
    • Unlimited channels, projects & chats
    • Basic features for Projects
  • Startup For a small team or company
    $1.50 16% off$1.80
    per user/month, billed yearly
    Total $450, for 25 fixed seats
    Everything in Free and
    • 25 fixed seats
    • Up to 2 workspaces
    • 5GB / user storage
    • 1GB attachment
    • Unlimited message history
    • Unlimited integrations
    • Full functionality of Projects & Channels
    • Plug-ins available
  • Growth For a growing company
    $6 45% off$11
    per user/month, billed yearly
    Everything in Startup and
    • Up to 100 seats
    • Up to 5 workspaces
    • 20GB / user storage
  • Business For an established business
    $11 47% off$21
    per user/month, billed yearly
    Everything in Growth and
    • Unlimited seats
    • Up to 10 workspaces
    • 100GB / user storage
    • SAML-based SSO
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  • Business Pro For a corporation
    per user/month, billed yearly
    Try free for 30 days
    Everything in Business and
    • Unlimited seats
    • Unlimited workspaces
    • 1TB / user storage
    • Two-Factor Authentication
    • Audit Logs
    • File download control
    • Advanced file preview
    • Watermark in file preview
  • Enterprise For an enterprise with advanced operational requirements
    Billed yearly
    Everything in Business Pro and
    • Unlimited seats
    • 10TB / user storage
    • Advanced security (EKM, IP-based access control, Data residency)
    • Employee eXperience Progam
    • Personalized support with dedicated account & success team

Add plug-ins to fit your needs

snap ai
snap aisnap ai
Optimize collaboration and halve your workload with our innovative AI features—Chat, Taskify, Summarize, Write, Rephrase, and Translate. Available as a plug-in for all paid plans.
  • Automation
    $99 100K actions / month
    The Automation plug-in allows you to create magical no-code rules for both Swit's native functions and 3rd party integrations.
  • Approvals
    $5 per user/ month The plug-ins in the Startup plan offer a rate of $45 per month or $540 per year for 25 members.
    Whether it’s travel reimbursement, purchase orders, or a request for time off, the Approvals plug-in centralizes the process for speed and efficiency.
  • Goals
    $5 per user/ month The plug-ins in the Startup plan offer a rate of $45 per month or $540 per year for 25 members.
    The Goals plug-in incorporates OKRs or KPIs into the Swit platform to measure progress with full transparency across the entire company.
  • Guests
    $5 per user/ month The plug-ins in the Startup plan offer a rate of $45 per month or $540 per year for 25 members.
    The Guests plug-in gives you the ability to safely invite external partners into your workspace on a temporary or project basis.

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Why Choose Swit?

The old digital transformation strategies will not work in this new world
Cross-Functional Collaboration Tools
Organization Managment
Native Plug-Ins
3rd-Party App Integrations
Workflow Management
Notification Management
Message Management
Project and Task Management Integration
Organization, Multi Workspaces, Channels
Org Chart, Vertical Teams and Horizontal Groups
Approvals, Goals, Secured Guest, Automation, Pages & Front-line (2024)
Right Panel, Slash Command, User Command, In-channel Apps
Multiple access points to Email, Docs, Calendar, Issues, Sales Opportunities
Related items grouped in threads. Manage multiple workspaces at once.
Convert messages into trackable tasks (Hub plan)
1. No-code Channel and Project pairing
2. Drag-and-drop task share to Channels
(Hub plan)
Single Workspace, Channels
Automation, Canvas
Slash Command, User Command
Text based notification only
Ordered by time received, not relevance. Access one workspace at a time.
Repetitive Search
1. API-based integration

2. Text-based notifications

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