We are Problem-Loving and Solution-Oriented

At Swit, we recognize that we are always a work in progress, both as a company and as a product. This is why we encourage our team to embrace challenges and build the connections needed for solving them.


Re:Humanize work with Swit

Our mission is to rehumanize the way we all work. We believe that implementing more essential human qualities into work tools helps companies place people at the heart of their decisions, ultimately leading to stronger company culture and more productive workflow.

Awakening the human nature of a dehumanized workforce

The modern professional gets most of their social interaction through the workplace. The Swit mission is designed to improve Employee eXperience by helping people better align their personal ambitions with the company’s goals. This transparency allows them to know they are valued as part of a thriving, mutually supportive workplace culture as both human beings and employees.

Workforce, Workflow, Work Context

By connecting the dots in the workplace, we help all the essential human elements fall into place. These elements are so intrinsically interconnected that if you want to make a change to one, you must make a change to them all — or else risk throwing everything out of balance.

Restoring the nature of work in the most HUMAN way

In order to stay aligned on shared goals, conversation naturally happens before, during, and after any collaborative tasks. These two functions — chat and tasks — had always been the inseparable foundation of working together, until single-function software fragmented our work into silos.

This is why we built Swit, a holistic Work OS that brings all your collaboration essentials together in one place, so that we can get back to the original, more human way of working together.


Who we hire is how we grow

Being part of a team is like sharing a journey. Not every member may start or end this journey at the same place, and each person is aiming for different moving targets as they travel. Culture is the unique driving force that brings these people together on a shared mission. This is why it's important for leaders to demonstrate culture through their own actions and adapt it as the business and team evolve.

Our culture codes define who we are

These statements are designed to elevate more sustainable cultural virtues above aspirational values by continuously reminding ourselves of who Swit is as a company, what we want it to be, what we hope to accomplish, and why our goals are important.

We codified these cultural virtues to remove any toxic, inconsistent, or dehumanizing cultural factors — whether conscious or not — from our daily mindsets and habits, and to clearly show prospective employees that we're prepared to scale and evolve our mission together as a team.

Work from anywhere anytime on your own terms


We work from home. Building a better remote sense of belonging and true relationships is our constant interest.


We work in our own time zones and schedule meetings when we need to collaborate in real time.


We work to live with family. Life is full of daytime events, which is why we encourage employees to flex their time when needed.

See what sets Swit apart

Fast Growth
A commitment to continuous evolution, whether in terms of active users, number of employees, company culture, or the platform and software itself.
Intelligent Curiosity
The drive to never stop learning and improving, in order to stay ahead of trends and developments in our field.
Persuasive Tenacity
Each team member should have confidence in their expertise, as well as the ability to share opinions with tact.
Productive Creativity
Going beyond what has already been established to create something unique. We strive for purposeful ingenuity.
Being Proactive, Responsive, and Available
Communicating effectively with others means being generous with both our time and our talent.
Striving for Balance
Autonomy is reinforced through accountability. Confidence should be tempered with humility. Team collaboration requires diligence on individual tasks.

Swit Launched

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Google Workspace & Microsoft 365 integrations

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Swit SIP Launched

Listed Top 20 Fastest Growing Tools in Product Development category by ICONIQ Capital

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Swit 2.0v Launched

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Swit 2.0 - Essential work tools for maximum efficiency at minimal cost | Product Hunt
Swit 2.0 - Essential work tools for maximum efficiency at minimal cost | Product Hunt
Swit 2.0 - Essential work tools for maximum efficiency at minimal cost | Product Hunt
Swit 2.0 - Essential work tools for maximum efficiency at minimal cost | Product Hunt