Brand assets

An overview of our new branding

Logo Usage

In most cases we use full logo lockup.
Make sure the logo has space to breathe.
On dark backgrounds it is ideal to use the full color logo with white text.
In some cases it is okay to use an all white or all black version of the logo.
Do not change the logo lockup.
Do not use the logotype without the logo icon.
Do not tilt or rotate the logo in any direction.
Do not apply a drop shadow or any effects to the logo.
Do not distort the logo.
Do not recolor the logo, ever if using brand colors.

Color Palette

Swit Green


R60 G201 B129

Swit Blue


R50 G146 B225

Swit Orange


R247 G105 B76



R30 G37 B73



R242 G242 B234



R255 G221 B41

Swit Black


R22 G29 B48



R100 G100 B100