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Swit connects your entire organization, streamlines team communication, and adapts to any workflow.
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Work Management for connecting teams

Powerful task card features

Attach files, emails, or channel messages. Add checklists, subtasks, or multiple assignees. Specify the priority, timeline, and more to set clear expectations for each project. Swit task cards offer limitless configuration options that adapt to fit the needs of any industry.

Project dashboard

Take the guesswork out of progress reports with customizable charts and graphs that are accessible to every member of a project. Track time spent on tasks, see a breakdown of workload by person, and compile other relevant data to improve project results.

Share tasks to chat

Conversation is an essential component of collaboration, which is why the Swit Hub plan was built to connect tasks and chat. Simply drag and drop to easily share a task card to a chat channel so you can provide a progress update, gather feedback, or ask questions.

Communication for staying on track

Cross-workspace communication

Swit is structured to share channel posts between different workspaces and send direct messages to any workspace within your organization. This advanced functionality brings together the entire company on one hub designed to support cross-team collaboration.

Convert channel messages to tasks

By including both chat and task functionality in the Hub plan, Swit empowers you to follow the natural flow of collaboration. You can take an idea suggested in a channel and easily convert it to a task, bringing context and relevant files along with it.

Connect horizontally and vertically

We believe collaboration should work in any direction! Whether vertically in a team or horizontally in a group, Swit differentiates tags by color to keep communication clear and transparent for everyone involved in the conversation.

Customization for flexibility and control

Automation connects If with Then

Communicate with integrations to trigger actions in Swit from 3rd party apps and within Swit between our native functions. Optimize your workflows by having Automation manage repetitive work, such as creating new tasks, sending emails, scheduling meetings, sharing sales opportunities, and more!

Goals plug-in brings OKRs into Swit

Set and manage goals at every level of your company with full transparency and alignment. Connect tasks and projects to objectives or key results to easily track progress and stay agile in your approach. See how individual objectives connect to enterprise-wide initiatives.

Circulate approvals to teams

Thanks to the interconnectivity of Swit’s features and plug-ins, you’re able to automate the process of sharing approvals. Choose any relevant teams when submitting your request, and a notification will be sent to all members once it’s approved. You can also share a request to a channel or DM for added flexibility in communication.

Set and control guest permissions

With our Guests plug-in, Admin can set and control access for guests to participate in workspaces. Collaborate with outside partners on a big initiative or with freelancers on a limited contract, and choose which channels and projects they have permission to use. Guests can even sync integrations to bring docs, files, and emails into the workspace just as employees do.

Integrations that interact with your workflow

Swit offers multiple project views for organizing task cards. Each person can sort tasks in the way that works best for them, giving our users more flexibility for individual preference.
Integrates seamlessly with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365
Swit Store : Connect with all the top CRM technology, marketing automation software, and more through the Swit Store
Developers 2.0, part of Swit’s SaaS Integration Platform, allows users to install custom-built integrations that interact with our features and share data from third-party apps

We prioritize data security

You trust Swit with your most valuable asset — your data. Rest assured that it is in safe hands. See how Swit handles the sensitive information of enterprises and small businesses, across the world.